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I have been a business coach for over 10 years covering a wide range of businesses from hairdressing to cafes to building companies and mechanics. In fact I’ve covered every industry type over the 140 businesses I’ve worked with.

Why coaching? For me it started years ago, and I didn’t know that was what I was doing. You see, I worked from an early age with horses, retraining race horses into jumping horses, training unbroken horses to the saddle and training unruly humans how to ride a horse and appreciate the experience. The patience I learned from this and the satisfaction that came from seeing a new owner or a rider’s confidence increase are skills I’ve used throughout my varied careers.

I’ve owned my own businesses and I’ve worked in the corporate environment. I have worked with local government and in small businesses, so I have a wide experience to draw from and really do understand where my clients are regardless of the size of their business or employment.

My goal with every business owner is to help them shift their habits from what they are doing now to what they want to be doing. As you can appreciate this process often takes years but there is always a lightbulb moment, an “aha” if you like, where I know that a habit has changed for ever. Patience with satisfaction as my reward nearly 40 years after first experiencing that feeling from my first horse.

My goal now is to help other coaches learn these skills and develop a joy for helping people change their habits to improve their lives. As part of the Global Coaches Collective my goal is to build a community where a huge group of similarly goaled people learn the satisfaction of seeing someone’s life habits change for the better, to see someone grow and enjoy life slightly more, to be there at the moment of enlightenment and know that my training has made a significant difference in someone else’s world.

I am also proud to have helped create (with Dawn Kiddie and Sally Guest) the Global Coaches Collective. The GCC helps provide a stable platform to allow our coaching communities to continue growing and developing as well as providing support for fledgling coaches from all walks of life and lets all of us feel those “aha” moments together.


First and foremost, I am a Mum to 3 gorgeous kids who I’m raising in Mount Maunganui with my amazing Financial Advisor husband.

My desire is to inspire, motivate and help others to change their life and business path for the better.  To teach people the skills to find the positive in adverse situations, to remain healthy, to always smile and to learn from the uniqueness of those around them and use that knowledge to grow and develop as people.

Whether I’m working with my personal clients or training coaches, I am able to draw on my own unique set of skills, qualifications and experience to provide holistic coaching and training that is effective and gets results.

That’s why I’m the No Excuses Coach; I personally, have come back from a horrific incident over 20 years ago that literally left me for dead. My physical, mental and emotional recovery required a broad knowledge base to get me back on my feet and living my life to the full.

I have a background in psychology, fitness training, holistic nutrition and numerous coaching certifications. I have used that knowledge in my own life to create results far beyond what anyone imagined I would achieve.

My passion is sharing my story through speaking, coaching and training to help both my clients and our GCC coaches live life with a sense of urgency. I believe we have bought together some of the best Support, Structure and Systems in the industry to help coaches create the life and the business of their dreams; with no excuses!

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I’m a Kiwi who was raised in Hong Kong and now lives in Ottawa, ON, with my Chiropractor husband and beautiful, energetic daughter…

The question I get asked most often is why we sold our 5 bedroom home (which was minutes walk from one of New Zealand’s most beautiful beaches) and our successful chiropractic clinic, to move across the world to live in a government town?!

I have seriously had to ask myself that same question many times over the past three years. My move to Canada with a baby and two start-up businesses’ has been nothing short of challenging.

As a Coach, with very little network or support to call upon; I felt isolated, lonely and frustrated. I knew there had to be a better way to build a successful Coaching Business and help more people in the process.

I was absolutely delighted when I connected with my colleagues, Dawn & Andrew back in New Zealand and realised that we all had a strikingly similar vision for the businesses and profession that we love.

As an Assistant Trainer at the GCC, I bring my wealth of qualifications and experience to the table, including high performance sport, my law degree, a coaching certification and a certification in the change facilitation modality, Psych-K.

I am excited to expand the GCC in Canada; and having assisted on our last Coaching 2.0 Training Course in New Zealand in March 2018, I know we have the team to change the face of the industry and help more Coaches, Consultants, Mentors & Trainers reach more people and make more profit.

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