December 19, 2017
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In every thought, feeling and action you experience on a daily basis, you are either moving towards or away from wellbeing.

That means you are either in a Cycle of Success (moving towards wellbeing) or in a Cycle of Sabotage (moving away from wellbeing).

Cycle of Success

If you are on court, thinking, feeling and acting in a way that serves you, you are much more likely to reach your goals and create the results that you want in your business and with your clients. A sure sign that you’re in a Cycle of Success is that you’re feeling connected, inspired, optimistic and untouched by life’s circumstances. You are also getting the results you want, professionally.

Cycle of Sabotage

If you’re thinking, feeling and acting in a way that doesn’t serve you, then it’s likely your life and business will feel like it’s one step forwards, two steps back. You know you’re in a Cycle of Sabotage when you’re feeling stressed, frustrated, uncertain and busy. You are also likely to be struggling to attain and maintain clients.

So, on the face of it, the Cycles’ of Sabotage and Success look exactly the same:

Your beliefs inform your thoughts which influence your feelings which underpins your actions and leads to your results.

For example, if you believe at a subconscious level that you are worthless, it’s likely that you will have thoughts that nobody is really interested in your style of coaching or consulting, which makes you feel like crap and maybe prevents you from acting on a great initiative to get in front of more prospects, which ultimately ensures that you won’t get any result.

The lack of results reaffirms your belief about yourself and so, it’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

The opposite can be said if you’re in a Cycle of Success.

So, the big question is how do you break the Cycle of Sabotage? How do you get on court and finally create the success, wellbeing and freedom that you really want in your coaching or consulting biz?

Most People Fail to Break the Cycle

Most people attempt to break the cycle by changing their actions. A great example is starting a cold calling regime in your biz, with a hiss and a roar. Or you may try to push down bad feelings or work really hard to control your negative thoughts.

None of these options are sustainable. You will know what I’m talking about if you’ve tried cold calling!

If you’ve followed the work of Dr Bruce Lipton, you will know that up to 95% of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are driven by our subconscious conditioning. That’s why we fall back into the Cycle of Sabotage so easily.

There is Only One Way to Break the Cycle

The only way to break the cycle is to address and change your beliefsWhat you believe about yourself and the world around you determines the quality of your business and the results you create.

There is a process you must go through to literally re-wire your beliefs. There are many modalities and techniques designed to help you with this.

Both Dawn Kiddie & Sally Guest (Founding Members of the GCC) are trained and certified in the modality called Psych-K, which is a technique designed to transform limiting beliefs into beliefs that support a Cycle of Success. Some of our Certified Members are trained in other highly effective modalities.

At the GCC, we also have several powerful tools and processes that we train our Certified Members in, to help them help their clients address the beliefs that underpin a Cycle of Sabotage. That’s one of the best features of our Advanced Training, everything that our Trainees learn, they also apply in their own businesses.

So, if you’re in a Cycle of Sabotage in your coaching or consulting business, imagine being able to break that cycle and then teach others how to break that cycle too. A win-win for both you AND your clients, don’t you think? ~ The Team at the GCC


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