August 17, 2016
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I was talking to a friend recently who really loves her job. I asked her if it was her true passion or if she would do something different if money, time and qualifications were no barrier. Her answer surprised me. She said, “ultimately, I would like to be doing what you are doing. I’d love to be a coach”. It shouldn’t have surprised me. I know several people in corporate jobs who would love to coach or teach.

However, these somewhat sensible people look out into the marketplace and see so many coaches, consultants, mentors and trainers. Every second person seems to be part of the industry. I personally, know a lot of coaches and consultants. And guess what? It’s not easy being a coach. It’s not just a matter of hanging a sign on your door saying, “I coach people” (which is pretty much what I did when I first launched my coaching biz!).

There are so many factors that go into creating a successful coaching or consulting business. I have big plans for my own career so I have been observing and learning as much as I can on my coaching journey and I’ve boiled it down to 3 absolutely essential elements for becoming a whole coach.

If you have ever thought about coaching or you are an established coach/consultant wanting to crush it financially, while being of greatest service to your clients… read on!


Just like any profession or vocation, being great at what you do is absolutely essential to your success. As a coach, consultant, mentor or trainer, it’s so important that you can powerfully hold space for your clients and offer a tried and proven framework for them to get the results they are paying for.

Whether or not they are willing to do the work is on them, however, that’s where understanding and creating effective boundaries is so important. It is also necessary to avoid transferring your own beliefs or expectations on your clients while working together.

Can you coach without a qualification? Sure, coaching is an unregulated industry. I am a huge proponent of experiential wisdom and know many powerful coaches who aren’t formally trained. However, when dealing with the nuances of the human condition, I believe every coach needs to commit to their continuing professional development and upskilling their coaching proficiency. This is what we specialise in at the GCC.


In this day and age, it has never been easier and yet never been harder to break through to extraordinary success as a coach, consultant, mentor or trainer. So many of us enter the marketplace with deep, heartfelt desires to help people on a profound level. However, that is just not enough when it comes to creating success in your coaching or consulting business.

First you need a clear vision, an area of expertise, an exciting niche, a compelling hook, specific communication that speaks to your target audience; and that is only the beginning! To crush it as a coach, consultant, mentor or trainer, you need to understand and embrace marketing, advertising, sales and your numbers like your life depends on it.

The great thing about the business side of your coaching enterprise is that you can delegate or outsource certain tasks. However, that doesn’t let you off the hook of understanding and taking responsibility for every area of your biz. In the startup phase, you have to be willing roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. The end result is totally worth it. Our business specialist, Andrew Hollis is on hand to provide advice and world-class training on every aspect of your business.


When I talk about personal development, I’m serious. I mean physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (whatever that means to you). Prospects are much more likely to pay you for your expertise if you are seen to be walking your talk and showing absolute commitment to your own continued development.

Now, here’s the thing; particularly for all you perfectionists out there! Personal development is a life-long commitment so if you’re waiting to be 100% ‘sorted’ before you really commit to your coaching biz, then you’ll be waiting a very long time.

However, let’s be honest… if you’re a health coach and you’re not fully committed to healthy living, then I’m not going to pay you to help me.

On that note, I think the most powerful action any coach or consultant can take is to hire their own coach, consultant, mentor or trainer to assist them to breakthrough to their next level of awareness, proficiency or performance.

Nobody has it all sorted, ever. So, how can I expect someone else to invest in me if I’m not willing to invest in someone else to help me with my own development?

That’s why we created the Global Coaches Collective, to provide you with that one-stop-shop of Support. We cover off all the bases. And personally, I realised that what I really needed in my coaching biz is development of my Business Savvy, so I continue to work with the amazing Andrew Hollis.

Those who are consistently committed in all 3 essential areas are the coaches, consultants, mentors and trainers who are crushing it financially and being of greatest service to the greatest number of people.

Are you interested in finding out which of the 3 areas requires the most urgent attention in your coaching or consulting biz? Just download our e-Book (with Checklist) to see where you most need to go to work! You will find the download on our Home Page. ~ The Team at the GCC

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